img_1799_640x427img_1814_640x427In December the roof was finished on the longhouse and the building began the process of sealing the inside and drying out. Auxiliary fans and heating were added to aid in this development. The fire suppression system was also installed. This safety feature was one of the biggest expenses in the new longhouse. Soon the building will be completely sealed and the main heat will be turned on for the first time.



longhouseconstruction129Work continues. The first of the roofing felt was laid down in preparation for the metal sheathing. Also the skylights were built. One gets a very good sense now of what the building will be like once completed. longhouseconstruction148 longhouseconstruction146
20121117_820121117_72Construction continues on the building. The roof panels were lowered into place and more plywood siding went up. Next is finishing the roof. Soon the rough building will be finished and the heating and finishing work can begin. Concrete was also poured for the foundation of the Hillaire Entrance Pole. The pole is slated to go up later in the week.20121117_7520121117_78
longhouseconstruction123Friday November 16th 2012 was a momentous day in our Lodge's fabled history. That day workers at the new longhouse at Camp Pigott raised and attached the Hillaire Entrance Pole to the new building.

The pole now stands tall once again after being restored by a team of carvers lead by Haida Master Carver Ralph Bennett.

Congratulation to everyone involved in the project and congratulations to the lodge for being one more step closer in having a longhouse at Camp Pigott.



longhouseconstruction089longhouseconstruction105On November 11th members of the lodge who attended the Fall Rally had the unique opportunity to tour the Longhouse Construction site. Since last week the rafters have gone up along with the roof sheeting on the back portion of the building. The plumbing rough in were also worked on and the roofing system for the main chamber was delivered. Excitement for the grand opening was palpable.