slab_pourA major milestone was passed this week! The concrete pad was poured covering the insulation, heating pipes and rebar. The concrete was dyed a brownish color to simulate a more earthen look rather than the natural grey of cement. Next, once the concrete cures for a while, is the framing!
hydro_linesoct16_lh_conThe tubes for the radiant heating system were laid down this past week along with a hefty vapor barrier. In addition work continued on the rough- ins for heat, sewer and water. Next up is the slab for the floor!rebar_foundation
No new photos today. Last week we showed the footings. They give the outline of the building in a very concrete way. One can finally see the actual size of the structure. One of the contractors has taken the trees we selected from the camp property, off site and has started the prep work for the main support columns. Another contractor is currently placing the plumbing rough-ins, heating lines and fire pit gas line; all the things that will be hidden under the floor slab. The main foundation slab will be poured in the next week or so, if the weather continues to be nice. Framing is scheduled to start on the 22nd of October.

img_1686_1lh_footingsThe project is moving along at quite a clip now. The footings have been finished for the foundation and soon the pad will bepoured. The plumbing rough-ins for sewer, water, heating and gas were completed. The pad mounted transformer has also beeninstalled; it's the large green electrical box in one of the photos. And new gravel was laid on the access road.

img_1693_1 img_1708_1

photolhfootingsConstruction of the physical building begins! After the initial site prep the first thing to happen was the excavation for the footings and the foundation. Forms were constructed for the footings and the cement poured. Here is a photo of the completed footings for the building.