longhouseconstruction197longhouseconstruction201The front facade is finished!

The contractor has now received the cedar wall boards for the interior of the Longhouse and they have been putting them up this week. The work continues on the other interior rooms with sheet rock, being complete very soon. The septic system is due to be completed within days as well.

We have now started on the work to apply more or our original cedar planks on the back interior wall behind the ceremonial screens.

We probably will need a few more planks cleaned in the next weekend or so to allow us to complete this work.

Plans are also underway to firm up how the ceremonial screens will be installed in time for the big celebration.

We are finalizing plans for the bleacher type bench seating. Once this is done we will price out the cost of this material and detail out a volunteer construction plan.

There is still much work to be done, but it is so exciting to see the progress taking place every week. Soon our vision and this project will be complete ready for Arrowmen and the camp to use this great new building for ceremonies, fun and fellowship.

Mike K
Longhouse Committee