unkown-2-webA Chapter totem pole that is in good condition and still stands at the longhouse site remained unidentified until this past weekend. Several people had inklings of the origin of the pole but none were very confident of their information. Using the Lodge website, T'Kope Kwiskwis put a general call out there for T'Kope alumni to step forward and help provide some of the missing history of the Lodge, the Longhouse and its totem poles. Several totem poles were unidentified, that is until last weekend when former Lodge Chief Rod Field identified one of the poles.


The beautiful pole is crowned by an Orca over a man holding a copper. The bottom crest is a beaver. Mr. Field said the pole was raised during his tenure as Chapter Chief of the Kwahnice Chapter in 1972-73. Kwahnice was later merged into Teenas Chakchak, which serves the West Seattle, Burien and Des Moines areas.


Now that the Kwahnice pole has been named only one standing pole remains to be identified. Please see the related article to help reconstruct the lodge's history. Thank you to Mr. Field in already helping the lodge in our quest.