September 12th 2008 - Report to the Membership

At the annual Lodge Fall Banquet the Longhouse Committee presented a report to highlight the work done by the committee thus far. The designs were presented and detailed information regarding the building was given. There was also a call for service at the Fall Longhouse Work Party to be held at the site on Nov 15th.

June 8th 2008 - Behind the Scenes

Meetings between our Architect/Enginering team and the county have been undertaken and the permitting process has been initiated. Meetings have also begun with general contractors to get the final bid price of the new building. Once we know the true cost, fundraising will begin in earnest!

May 20th 2008 - New Web Site Launched

A new longhouse web site was launched to better communicate the goals of the committee and to keep members of the lodge and people interested in the longhouse abreast of the design and construction.

March 10th 2008 - Major Steps Taken Toward Construction

It was announced that the architecture and engineering work for the new longhouse has been entirely donated by interested companies and individuals.  This is a massive step forward to seeing the building project get off the ground. The permitting process is also being shepherded through the county by experienced companies and lodge members who are also donating their time and covering any permitting fees.

February 6th 2008 - New Design Submitted and Approved

A third design commissioned by the Executive Committee gained approval at the last meeting. The design is a Wakashan architectural style big house popular with the 1st Peoples along the Coast of British Columbia. The selected design has a built in heated floor that will not only help preserve the building for generations but will also increase its viability in the winter months.