elangomat_patchThe April 2009 Ordeal marked the official kickoff of the Elangomat Award program. Since then the lodge has recognized a handful of mighty Elangomats. In order to earn this special limited edition lodge flap that tells the world that you are a great Elangomat you must have 50% of your clan go through their brotherhood in the allotted time. The T'Kope Kwiskwis Lodge is proud to announce the latest recipients of the Elangomat Award.
The Elangomat award is the same as the lodge flap but with a Silver Mylar border.

Congratulations to the most recent recipients:

From the Hyas Eena Chapter - Nick T. - April 2010 Ordeal
From Lamonti Tupso Illahee - Jordan R. - April 2010 Ordeal
From Ashuk T'salil - Willie B. - April 2010 Ordeal
From the Hyiu Chuck Chapter - Austin S. - May 2010 Ordeal
From Siam Chetwoot - Justin W. - June 2010 Ordeal

From the Hyiu Chuck Chapter - Carl B. - Fall 2009
From Lamonti Tupso Illahee - Russell B. - May 2010

lodge_officersCongratulations to our new lodge officers who were elected this weekend at the Spring Fellowship at Camp Pigott.  The officers officially take their new positions on July 1, 2011.

  • Lodge Chief: Ian B.
  • Secretary: Joseph M.
  • Treasurer: Jeff A.
  • Activities Vice Chief: Breydon P.
  • Inductions Vice Chief: Keith P.
  • Service Vice Chief: To Be Determined


Thanks again to Brian S., Ian B., Garrett J., Chris Z., Logan C., and Mat A. for their year of service.


Guess what’s coming up on June 17-18 at Camp Pigott for T’Kope?

You guessed right! Our 2011 Spring Fellowship!

This weekend will be filled with tons of fun and fellowship. This year will be different then all the others, because this year, we’ll have high COPE, .22 Rifles, Archery, Tomahawks, and Atl-atls! There will be a western theme, so bring out the fake pistols, cowboy boots, and toy horses! Along with all the fellowship & fun, there will be a Brotherhood Ceremony Friday night at 7 PM for those of you who are ready. Along with that, you can come and celebrate our 2011 Vigil Class!

Another important thing going on that weekend will be out Lodge Officer Elections. We will be electing new Officers to represent our lodge, including the Chief and all his Vice-Chiefs. If you want to run for 2011-2012 Lodge Chief, you will need to turn in a portfolio of you plan for the Lodge while you are in office. Make sure you show up to vote!

This weekend is something you will definitely NOT want to miss, so sign up now at www.tkopekwiskwis.org as soon as possible!


Yours in Activities,

Chris Z.

Activities Vice-Chief

tkwskThis last month at the W1N Section Conclave in Alaska two T'Kope Ceremonialists earned the highest or "Honors" distinction for their ceremonies. Brain S. and Logan C. both submitted their performances for the Vigil Honor Ceremony for evaluation on the Friday night of the event. Congratulations to both of these dedicated lodge members who help T'Kope have some of the best ceremonies in the nation.

The Section's Ralph Kirschner Trophy for best ceremonies at conclave went to the Nanuk Lodge of Anchorage Alaska. Congratulations to Nanuk. T'Kope Kwiskwis had won the trophy 7 years in a row.

blanket3This fall under the direction of Inductions VC Logan C, Ceremonies Chairman Tony M and Dance and Story Telling Chairman Keith P an inventory of the Lodge's regalia was conducted by the members of the Ceremonies team. This is a yearly inventory, but this year it also caps a project started by Logan C and others to photograph and publish all of the Lodge's regalia.
The Goals of the photo inventory were to:
- Let members know what blankets the Lodge owns and their condition.
- Inform members of the history of the regalia and the policies and procedures of use.
- Help to maintain the collection so that future arrowmen can use these blankets.

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For information on how to apply, contact the ArrowCorps502 Committee.

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Thanks in advance for your generous support!

ordeal_parsons_09_small Have 10 months passed since your Ordeal? Do you want to continue your service in the Order? Go through Brotherhood! We will be holding Brotherhood ceremonies at the three upcoming Ordeals, which is an excellent opportunity to staff as well. Even better, the cost of Brotherhood was covered when you went through Ordeal, so it's free!

In addition to the ceremonies at the Lodge Ordeals, some chapters are holding their own ceremonies, so contact your Chapter Chief if you're interested.