restorationinprgs2On September 11th at the Longhouse Groundbreaking ceremony, the well-known Entrance Pole to the original Longhouse was dedicated to Joe Hillaire. Joe was a Master Carver and activist of the Lummi Tribe who was commissioned by the Lodge to carve the pole designed by William Holm. The proud pole was erected and dedicated along with the longhouse in 1962.  After the S. Edmund Packard Memorial Longhouse was deconstructed in 2002, the pole stayed standing; until 2005 when the restoration of the pole began. Now, after 40-plus years of weathering and looking like new, the Joe Hillaire Entrance Pole will soon stand once again, and serve this great Lodge for many more years.

To find out more information about the Joe Hillaire Entrance Pole of the S. Edmund Packard Memorial Longhouse, please visit the Longhouse page of the T’kope Kwiskwis website.

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