28 seal their membership!

On Saturday May 22nd at the Ordeal at Camp Brinkley twenty eight brothers sealed their membership in the order by going through the Brotherhood ceremony. This was a momentous occasion for several reasons. The 28 marks the largest Brotherhood ceremony in well over a decade for T'Kope Kwiskwis and highlights the current strength of the lodge inductions program. The big night also is a huge leap forward in reaching our Quality Lodge goal for 2010 of 30% conversion of our Ordeal members to Brotherhood. At this time we only need 5 more Ordeal members to step forward and undertake the Brotherhood to achieve an astonishing three- peat of the Quality Lodge award! Will it be YOU who steps forward?

We encourage everyone to congratulate our latest Brotherhood members:

Congratulations to you all!

Nelson T
Carl G
Douglas H
James S
Forrest J
Nathan W
Zach B
Brendan T
Mikko M
Robert R
Robert T
Eric D
Aaron K
Ian B
Levi S
Gabriel M
Reuben S
Brandon S
Barb S
Michael C
Bryce P
Zachary T
Daniel K
Chase S
Harrison C
William B
Donald E
Ian F


If it's been at least 10 months since your ordeal and you want to step up to the Brotherhood, there are only TWO ceremonies left in 2010!!!

June Ordeal at Camp Parsons on Saturday June 5th

Register Here


Spring Fellowship at Camp Pigott on Friday June 18th

Register Here

We would also like to thank the Sunyakwa chapter for holding their own brotherhood ceremony at their spring camporee this year, and we wish to congratulate those lodge members who went through their Brotherhood at that camporee in the month of May! 

Leah T
Ellis H
Jeff A
Andrew H
Duncan H
Nicholas P

If you want the convenience of a Brotherhood ceremony at your chapter's Camporee next year, now is the time to start recruiting a team. Talk to your Chapter Chief about ceremonies. Hyiu Chuck, Sunyakwa, Talapus Tillicum, Hyas Eena, Tenas Chackchack and Sahaptin Mox Khan'-nice are all forming teams now. Join your chapter's team today so your chapter can be on this list next year!