ArrowCorps 502 update

On Friday the 13th of November, Arrowcorps 502 leadership met with Kevin Bacher, Volunteer Coordinator for Mt. Rainier National Park. This was a critical step in the development of the ArrowCorps 502 program. Discussion topics ranged from partnerships with other youth conservation groups to training and possible service areas. We look forward to working in the future with Mr. Bacher. He is a great resource for the project and expressed an enthusiasm to make this project a reality.

After the meeting, the core four team traveled to Fall Rally, anxious to converse the details with the Lodge. Great enthusiasm has been seen from within the lodge, everyone wants to be a part of what is sure to be the largest service project T’kope KwisKwis has ever undertaken. Currently the Core Four group is looking for capable, qualified leaders from within the lodge to plan and perform service of epic proportions. Be sure to check out the ArrowCorps 502 link on the lodge website for more information.

Other service news:

-The Camp Parsons arboretum shelters are currently in the stages of planning. The two shelters to be constructed will provide a haven for Parsons to educate Scouts and school groups in the arboretum.

-Camping promotions packets will be distributed to chapter chiefs at the next Lodge Executive Council meeting. The packets will contain information about our spectacular council camps and can be presented to units during Unit Elections. And check out the T’Kope Website for the Where To Go Camping Link—it has lots of great info! If you feel so inclined then you can even submit your favorite destination.

-Camp Sheppard Winter Camp dates have been released. Every weekend in January February and March Order of the Arrow members will be in the shadow of the mountains providing quality service at Camp Sheppard. Contact your chapter chief and get yourself up to camp for a weekend of fun, fellowship and service.

Vice-Chiefly Speaking

ArrowCorps 502 is one of the most exciting projects I have ever had the chance to take part in. I believe that we have stoked the fire from within and it is personally satisfying to see the project progress from an ember, as we shepard it to the great fire that it will be. It is t-minus 20 months until the first contingent arrives and we are working with a passion to provide an experience of a lifetime to the youth and adults that will come to the project. I look forward to seeing you all in the Summer of 2011 at Mt. Rainier as we continue on the legacy of conservation that has permeated Scouting. From the Civilian Conservation Corps camp at Sheppard to the Eagle Scout work projects at Mt. Rainier in the 1930’s, this project is part of something epic and I hope that you all can feel it. We did start the fire!

Winter Camp

Here are the weekends that each Chapter is signed up for:

8th-10th Hyas Eena and Hyiu Chuck
15-17th LTI
22nd-24th Hyiu Chuck and Talapus Tillicum
29th-31st Tenas Chakchak

5th-7th Sunyakwa and Tenas Chakchak
12th- 14th Wau Wau Talapus
19th-21st LTI and Sunyakwa
26th- 28th Wau Wau Talapus and Talapus Tillicum

5th-7th SMK
12th-14th Hyiu Chuck
19th-21st Hyas Eena
26th-28th SMK

The chapters who still have not given me dates are: Ashuks Sahlil, Siam Chetwoot,
Mox Kar Po and Yakala. I hope to see you in the shadow of the mountains soon!


  • OA staff is expected to be at Camp Sheppard by 7:00 pm on Friday night. Staff Dinner is served for you at 7 pm so it is crucial that you be at camp by 7pm. While at Camp, you are representing the BSA and the OA.
  • Please proudly and correctly wear the full scout uniform with pants, belt, socks, shirt and Sash.(dont forget your sash)
  • Please let me know by the Wednesday before your weekend, how many staff ( youth and adult) you will be bringing to camp. Camp asks for up to 12 staff each weekend. If you are dated for a double chapter weekend, please contact the other chapter chief to make sure that you are not over 12 youth and adults. Also each weekend must have at least one adult present.
  • If you decide that your chapter is not able to make a weekend, or that attendance will be dismal please let me know ASAP.
  • OA staff is crucial to the success of camp

Your's in service,

Evan S.
Lodge Service Vice cheif