poles_lots_of_themOn Wednesday October 21st 2009 at the monthly lodge business meeting, the council's Director of Support Services Scott Findlay announced that a series of major donations had been made to the Chief Seattle Council to build re-build the longhouse at Camp Pigott. This wonderful news came almost seven years to the day that the old longhouse was taken down. With these donations the council believes that it is possible the structure will be built starting in late spring 2010.


The longhouse committee has a goal of $500,000 to construct the new building. We are now over 80% to that goal. Now we need a final wave of support that will make the new longhouse a reality. The momentum is there now is the time to act! Now is the time to build the longhouse!


The new building will be a year round heated facility so that scouts can enjoy the building even in the irksome weather of the Pacific Northwest. The heat will also serve to extend the life of the structure, keeping the permanent dampness away from the precious wood.


The new building will be up to all state and county codes, yet maintain its important rustic appearance. In satisfying these new requirements we acknowledge the importance of safety and public and professional standards; however this does come with extra costs. The new longhouse will also hold more people. The old structure had a capacity of 144; the new one will be able to welcome over 300 arrowmen. Together we are restoring the past and rebuilding for the future. Become a part of the new traditions by making a cash or in-kind donation today. By giving today you have the piece of mind knowing that future generations of arrowmen might share in this unique experience.


To those supporters who have shown their deep commitment to the longhouse and have generously given their time and financial support this time is indeed exciting! The lodge appreciates your contributions, but now we ask to redouble your efforts to get us across the finish line.


Now is the time to rebuild the longhouse.


Remember the ones who chose you need you...


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