Ceremonialsts in BlanketsFor the first time in almost 20 years the T'Kope Kwiskwis lodge dedicated an entire new set of ceremonial dress. The set of four is named "the Ocean Set" in honor of the crests that are indelibly linked with the sea. The blankets were commissioned with proceeds from the budget of Lodge Chief Allen S. and were designed by Former Lodge Chief Case Barden while he was still a youth member of T'Kope.

The set was used at the Fall Parsons Ordeal to help induct 60 new members into our lodge. However the set was donned for the first time this summer during the ceremonies competitions and evaluations at NOAC. The four blankets are made from navy blue Pendleton blankets, red wool Melton cloth from Canada and 1000 real shell buttons. The lodge would like to personally thank Mrs. Barden, Helen Young (BH), and Beth Carter (BH) who took time to create these wonderful pieces that will be used for years to come! To SEE the amazing blanket designs, read on!

The four designs are: Three Finned Orca, Oyster, Osprey, and Overjoyed Salmon. The four sets will be at the Annual Lodge Banquet if you would like to see them. We will also be conducting blanket training during Lodge Ceremonies Kick Off day OCT 10th. See related article for more information.