bh_hood_burk_smallWe would like to thank those chapters that held their own brotherhood ceremony at their spring camporees this year. Members from three chapters had the opportunity and to seal their membership in the order by attending these convenient Brotherhood ceremonies. Way to go Sahaptin Mox Khan'-nice, Mox Kar-Po, and Sunyakwa!  We made our Brotherhood goal for Quality Lodge 2009 in large part thanks to these three chapters.

We also wish to congratulate those lodge members who went through their Brotherhood at those camporees in the month of May!

  • Jimmy A
  • Doug B
  • Daniel B
  • Nathaniel C
  • Donna D
  • Mark E
  • Nathan H
  • Joshua P
  • Brandon R
  • Brian R
  • Christian S
  • Corum S
  • Patrick T
  • Matthew T
  • Conner W
  • Kyle W
  • Michael W
  • Colin W

If you want the convenience of a Brotherhood ceremony at your chapter's Camporee next year, now is the time to start recruiting a team. Talk to your Chapter Chief about ceremonies. Join today so your chapter can be on this list next year!