elangomat_patchThe upcoming Pigott Ordeal, April 3rd-5th 2009, marks the kickoff date for the new Elangomat Award. In order to earn this special limited edition lodge flap that tells the world that you are a great Elangomat, you must cheerfully serve as an Elangomat starting at this upcoming Ordeal!

To further enhance the program and to help the lodge maintain Quality Lodge status the Elangomat Award was created. The Elangomat award would be given for those Elangomats who have 50% (rounded down) of their clan receive brotherhood within the next lodge callendar year. At Ordeal registration the lodge has been trying to group candidates together by chapter. These clans should then be lead by an Elangomat(s) from the same chapter. This gives opportunity for contact between the Elangomat(s) and the candidates throughout the year at chapter meetings, winter camp, camporees, and possibly at troop meetings. A simple clan report from Lodge Master will be handed out at the ordeal to the Elangomats with the new members' name and phone number on it. They would then be encouraged to call these candidates to come to Lodge and Chapter events and eventually get their brotherhood within the year. Once enough of the new ordeal members go through the Brotherhood ceremony the Elangomat would turn in the card for certification to the inductions VC. The Elangomat award patch would immediately be given at that ordeal, with further recognition at the lodge banquet. If there are two Elangomats per clan that qualify for the award, they both get the patch. The Elangomats must submit the proper paperwork for the award as the lodge will not track each Elangomat and their clan. The Elangomat award is the same as the lodge flap but with a Silver Mylar boarder and the word "Elangomat" replacing "Chief Seattle". Adult Elangomats can also participate by getting 50% of their adult clan through brotherhood within the same time frame. There is no limit of how many Elangomat Awards a member can earn, and they would get one patch each time they get the award. The Elangomat Award is not be available for sale.